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About us

Where best practice meets best access

Advanced Urgent Care is a new concept in healthcare. It is almost Emergency Room capacity as long as not dealing with Stroke, Myocardial infarction or Dissecting aneurysm.

We provide comprehensive medical treatment for everything from the common cold  to complicated health conditions. What makes Advanced Urgent Care unique is the combination of easy access and sophisticated diagnostic equipment and blood labs. In other words, we handle serious and high acuity medical cases, like those in the chart below, for patients who feel they need to see the doctor now.

Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic Services

Advanced Urgent Care also handles less serious unscheduled care, often referred to as “urgent care.” This range of services, combined with our on-site lab and our impressive scope of diagnostic equipment, makes us unique.

In addition to its core services, Advanced Urgent Care also provides innovations in patient billing structures and an effective, cost-conscious healthcare alternative for employers.

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