Plans for Business

Plans for Business

Advanced Urgent Care offers two options for businesses to assist them in providing healthcare benefits to their employees. Employers can benefit by providing their employees with access to emergency medicine doctors through Advanced Urgent Care—and by realizing significant savings on healthcare costs.

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Advanced Urgent Care has established a number of direct contracts with organizations that self-fund employee insurance plans. This means your employees can get high-quality care, right now, and you can save significantly on healthcare costs.

Example A: Monthly Plan $50/$35

Monthly cost is $50 per adult and $50 for up to 4 children.

The covered member pays only $35 per visit with no balance billing. Plus, there’s no limit on visits. So for less than the cost of a gym membership, your employees can have easy access to treatment for these types of illnesses and injuries.

This is not insurance. Advanced Urgent Care is a medical practice that can provide services for employer sponsored plans for a capitated rate and a small per visit fee.

Example B: Direct Bill