HIPPA Privacy Notice

In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, patients of Advanced Urgent Care are entitled to and afforded the rights to privacy regarding their health related information as set forth under applicable law, and a patient’s Protected Health Information (“PHI”) may only be released as authorized by this law.  Advanced Urgent Care will strive to ensure that patient information is used only for purposes authorized by the patient, including but not limited to patient treatment and payment operations, lawful subpoenas, and as otherwise required by law.  Upon request we can provide you with a complete copy of our Privacy Policies.


Additionally, Patients have a right to review their medical records and furnish comments to their records during normal business hours, upon providing reasonable advance notice.  In addition, patients have the right to obtain information regarding entities to which Protected Health Information has been provided.


Should you ever have a concern or complaint, you may contact us at Advanced Urgent Care.