Workers Comp

Advanced Urgent Care provides easy access to quality care and this carries over to workers compensation claims as well. We provide your employee with high level care in a timely manner. The process is a simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Inform: Inform your carrier you are sending your employee to Advanced Urgent Care.
  2. Send: Send your employee to Advanced Urgent Care.
  3. Verify: Send or Fax Employee Verification Form*.

Trust Us with Your Employee and Your Business

We understand the delicate nature of Workers Compensation and treat the process with as much care as we treat the patient. Our doctors are board certified in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine with long  experience in dealing with Workers injuries cases, and have been trained in the proper handling of Workers Compensation claims. We understand the forms and the rights of the employer and employee.

Have questions? Call 708.448.8913 to learn more.

* Employee Verification should include 1) employee name 2) social security number 3) date of injury 4) carrier name, address, phone and fax 5) claim number (if already given by carrier) 6) if a drug test is needed: statement on company letterhead requesting drug test including reason for drug test, list of drugs to be tested for, signature of employer authorizing drug test or chain of custody.